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Many are following with utmost interest the efforts to ease site visitors in Metro Manila, in particular the victims of turtle-pace using in maximum streets of the city, that suffer each day pressure as they weave thru the congested roads. Of special hobby to many is the request of the Executive Branch in in search of Congressional supply of emergency powers to President Rodrigo Duterte for the reason of addressing what has turn out to be a countrywide disaster with the aid of adopting and imposing comprehensive measures that would simplest be completely carried out through such an outstanding treatment.

Converting the Pasig River to an opportunity dual carriageway and attracting passengers into this inland waterway that passes through numerous Metro Manila cities changed into one of the methods recognized to dislodge commuters from the roads. The Department of Transportation (DOTr) has included revitalizing the Pasig River Ferry system as one among its deliberate initiatives, a welcome initiative certainly.


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